cold-weather-tiresProper inflation of your tires on your car is essential in the winter months. The pressure in your tires plays a big roll on the control of your car and how the tires grip the road. The better your tires for your car the better the driver can control the car in the winter months.

If your tires are not at the right pressure they can separate from the rim and that can cause major issues and maybe an accident. One thing that having low pressure tires is kill your gas mileage.

Your car tires lose about a pound per square inch (PSI) so you will want to check your tire pressure more often in the winter months to make sure you don’t lose too much air

The tire pressure for your car should be set to the air pressure in your owners manual on your car door. Cars built since 2007 have a tire pressure monitoring system. See how your choice of car can affect the auto loan you can get approved for. Some cars have the technology to show you real time tire pressure.

If you check your car’s oil and tires often you will avoid a huge road service claim and that is good when you have a new car. Always check to see how your spare tire is doing also.