car buyingIt is researched and proven that when you are purchasing a car today you buy a car with the intentions of it lasting a long time. The Americans don’t buy new cars every 3 to 4 years like they use to anymore.

They merely can’t afford a new car every 3 to 4 years. So they look for a car that will work for them and its sad to say they will up and leave a new car brand if it means being able to hold on to the car for 7 or 8 years.

Research has shown that the days of buying a car every 4 years is over. And that is because new cars are being built to last longer. Which stinks for automakers that want to try and steal American consumers.

Also, Americans that used to buy new cars every 4 years can’t afford it anymore and they don’t want to take on an auto loan payment for a new car. People are less inclined to take on a monthly payment that they can’t afford and automakers can thank the recession for that.

When you go and look for a new car to buy more and more people will find themselves looking at more than one brand of a car and that not like it used to be. Now there are more automakers to choose from and all the automakers are building cars to last longer. Look at the Korean automakers they have now started to gain a share of the US automotive market.