automated carThe government is putting a new research project together in the next few weeks to determine the safety and technology that will enable cars to drive themselves. Automated vehicles are the next step in car technology.

Automakers are talking with Google to help them introduce the automated to consumers. The Automated car is hopefully going to cut down on car accidents and overall safety on the road. Google is developing a fleet of automated vehicles. Most auto manufacturers are moving in that direction as well. Three states – Nevada, Florida and California – have authorized testing of automated cars on their roads. Legislation has been proposed in several other states and the District of Columbia.

Google is developing a fleet of automated cars and many automakers are following in their path. Even though the the car would be automated and you don’t have to touch the pedals or the steering wheel drivers will still need to monitor what is going on outside the car. They say a fully automated car would just have the driver.

Volvo used the gathering to showcase a new “traffic jam assistance system” that enables a car to automatically follow the vehicle ahead in slow-moving traffic up to 30 mph. Volvo described the new system, which will be ready for production in 2014, as “another step on the journey toward . . . self-driving vehicles.”

Automated cars are around the corner automakers just need more of the public to accept them but they will be here soon, just give it a few years. This is the kind of car you could possible look into if you have bad credit you might be able to get a bad credit auto loan for an automated car.