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Another automaker learned their lesson, if you want to appeal to the younger crowd and lure them into your car you want to make a car that you can personalize.

Hyundai is going to offer special edition to their most popular youth-oriented cars to make them standout from the crowd.

Hyundai’s Veloster RE:MIX edition adds a unique body kit, special alloy metal wheels and a killer sound system to a sporty hatchback coupe. The CEO says that there will be at least one RE:MIX edition model a year.

Hyundai’s plan seems a lot like Scion’s plan that they have followed for years, to help them build their brand. It introduced concept cars to show potential customers how they can make a vehicle their own. Then it found ways to make some of them available for sale with its “Release Series” editions.

The RE:MIX Veloster will be priced to appeal to the younger buyers. The base price for the RE:MIX is $19,900, for the one with a manual transmission and $21,150 for the one with the automatic transmission, plus a $775 shipping charge.

If you have bad credit this would be a great car for you to look into for your young adult.

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